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The highly talented Nigerian hip-hop artist Vector just released a new music album which he titled. This is the official lyrics of one of the song in the new music album I saw a video last night voem.

This is coming after he featured Mastercraft in the song No Peacehe also featured Mastaa in the song  If We Must Win

Read the lyrics below

Am I confused cos I saw a video last night, of the war in Plateu, it was just not right

I wonder who was making people fear for life and who’s too bold for fear of life

Who’s taking the peace of the peaceful, looking like they did all the needful

To bring doom to each rooms and each and every street too and why are they allowed to be the bad ones, what about me

Should I fall by another man’s flaws cos h didn’t do his best, wasn’t making any calls against the foul play

When the fowl says he needs to rest and let the new Africa begin the fall play

Till it all comes all together in our hands and we seize the moment and let more people in on the easy moments

But there’s a war now and we don’t have an opponent, maybe we do if we think we are our opponent, cos I saw a video last night

And by the way who’s the camera person, why are you there, why are you running towards the heat, ain’t you scared

You captured many moments I coulda sworn you were there, wait you are but there was a bomb blast and you didn’t fall fast and you cut it all clear

I mean great cinematics from th belly of the chaos, if there’s truly a God please save us

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