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Frequently asked questions - Netvilox  

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Q: what is Netvilox Forum

Netvilox forum is an online community created in January 2019 by the Netvilox group of companies to help youths and students earn online.

Q: How do I register 

To register click on the sign up button at the top of the page and fill in you details then click on register. You will be registered, but your account will not be activated until you pay. 

Q: How much do I need to register 

To become our member you have to register with the amount of ₦1,500 one time payment. Your account will be activated after making this payment. 

Q: do I earn without referrals 

Yes we pay members without referrals, referring is optional, it's up to you. 

Q: how do I cashout my money 

To cash out you money click on the withdrawal or cash out bar and fill in your details. Your withdrawal will be processed within 24 hours. 

Q: can I coment on any post

No comment on a post that is not more that three days old. Comment on old topic will not be calculated. 

Q: how do I link my bank account

To link your bank account to Netvilox go to settings on your earnings dashboard and fill in the box that says "bank details".

Q: which day do I cash out

You can only cash out on Saturdays. If you cash out you will see credit alert before evening. 

Q: how much do you pay for referrals

We now pay ₦1000 for each person you referred. You can make up-to ₦10,000 daily by referring people. 

Q: how do I refer people 

To refer to someone give him or her your referral link and tell him to write your name on the referral section of the form. 

Q: As a guest can I refer someone 

You can refer someone even if you are not registered on our forum, just fill in your details and refer to your friends. We will pay you if any one registered through your link.


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Thanks bro for the information am so happy

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