The must tattooed f...

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Caleb Ekekwe
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In the history of football game this men's tattoos are one of the mind blowing tattoos, each of the football stars has their reasons of the inked art on their body.


Some of them inked the pictures of things concerning the church and Jesus because of their faith in God, some because of their struggle, and some did it to remember so of their loved ones

Screenshot 20200322 012450~2
Screenshot 20200322 001415~2
Screenshot 20200322 001242~2
Screenshot 20200322 001112~2
Screenshot 20200322 001504~2
Screenshot 20200322 012213~2
Screenshot 20200322 001400~2


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Peter Okonkwo
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At times I begin to wonder why people tatoo their body, not knowing the fact that tatooed people wouldn't make heaven at last. Course the Bible made it clear that nothing unclean shall enter into the Kingdom of God. 

Nicky Young
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Joined: 2 months ago

Wow why people like to tattoo their body, me I wonder why ❓ they done that. 

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