Guy beats his girl ...

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[Move to Homepage] Guy beats his girl friend mercilessly for being pregnant  

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There is nothing that we cannot see in this life. In a video that has been trending online since yesterday being Saturday, a man was seen beating his girlfriend mercilessly because she became pregnant.

This video was posted by a Twitter user,  according to the Twitter user the name of the man is Jude faga. In the video he was  slapping and assaulting his girlfriend.

Reports also said that Jude was a student of benue state University BSU in makurdi benue State Nigeria. In the video the  guy was telling the girl that she want to spoil his name.

What do you have to say about this? what will you do if this girl was your sister? tell us what you think!

watch the video below


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Caleb Ekekwe
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He is very stupid for laying his hands on that lady that is an inhumane act he should be called to order oooh

Peter Okonkwo
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The Guy is Very Very Stupid by Laying his filthy hands on that young lady. In fact if at a I should be the parents of the Young Girl I will make sure that I deal with the young man by taking him to PRISON and there he will Chop Shit. 

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