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[Move to Homepage] Five things that shows that a girl loves you  

Caleb Ekekwe
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  1. Constant starring at you; when a girl loves you she will always be starring at you when ever you are around, as the old saying goes, where your mind and attention would be that's where your eyes are always.
  2. Compliment; when a girl loves you she will shower you with compliment,she may call you fine boy or fine guy and this is an assured sign that she loves you or is nursing a feeling for you.
  3. Smiling; when a girl loves you she can help but smile whenever you are talking or addressing the public,or as a student you find that girl that loves you smiling and giggling at your performance.
  4. Approaches you; this happens very rarely as girls are very shy beings they can nurse and suppress their feelings for years as long as you don't first of all approach her, when a girl loves you she will some times approach u directly.
  5. Calls u pet names; if a girl loves you, you will find her calling you pet names that will even surprise you,it a sure sign she's giving you a go ahead sign.if you notice this signs u know that a girl is in love with you but shy to tell you
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