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Joyner Lucas – “Screening Evaluation (Skit)” | Official Lyrics

Joyner Lucas – “Screening Evaluation (Skit)” | Official Lyrics

Below is the official lyrics of “Screening Evaluation (Skit)” by Joyner Lucas 

So listen, buddy.
I’m gonna give you a little test, okay?
Is that okay, buddy?
This test is call a Rorschach test and it’s a test that we give to smart kids like you so we can see how smart you really are
And Joyner, you’re only 8 years old, correct?
Wow, you’re such a big boy
Okay, so I’m going to hold up some pictures and you’re gonna tell me what you see in these pictures, okay?
Okay, let’s start with this one. What do you see in this picture, buddy?
A butterfly
Yes, that is absolutely correct. What a smart boy you are. That is a butterfly
Wow, okay, how about this picture?
That’s a television
And that’s another correct answer, good job, buddy
You might be a genius
How about this one?
That’s a basketball
Joyner, you are so amazing! Another great answer!
That is a basketball. I don’t even know if I could’ve got that one right. Such a smart, smart boy
Okay, how about this one?
That’s a condom
We’re gonna try this again, you better not fuck up this time
That’s a-, that’s a condom
Joyner, I just called you a smart boy. Please don’t make me regret that statement.
You know what, let’s just try another picture.
Look closely and tell me what you see in this picture
Uh, that’s look like a loaded gun?
We’re gonna try this again and you better not fuck up this time.
I said it’s a loaded gun
What are you, a fucking retard?
Are you stupid? Mentally challenged?
What the fuck is the matter with you?
I’m sorry
I’m trying to help you, look at the fucking picture.
I am, I’m trying. I’m looking
Look at the fucking picture!
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