Chinese people can ...

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[Move to Homepage] Chinese people can eat any thing, see what this fine girl is eating  

Austin Manuel
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Joined: 2 months ago

The whole wide world has been aware for ages that the Chinese people eats almost any animal that is rejected by evevery country. 

I recently saw a video of a Chinese man owned cockroach farm in Hong Kong. In that farm they breed and rear cockrcockroaches for sale. 

No normal human I think would eat cockroaches no matter how it is prepared. 

In the video below, a beautiful Chinese girl was seen eating on rubbish that I don't even know it's name.


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Caleb Ekekwe
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Joined: 2 weeks ago

Chaai centipede, eeehhee why won't they suffer for corona look at what a human being is eating and it was not cooked tufiakwa

Peter Okonkwo
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Joined: 2 months ago

No wonder this Deadly Disease called Corona Virus/Covid 19 started from there place. Oh My God this Video is so Disgusting 🤮🤮🤮

Nicky Young
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Joined: 2 months ago

hmm what kind of food is that me I no go eat that thin, but In the Bible God said eat what that you like to eat

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