A thief broke into ...

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[Move to Homepage] A thief broke into my car and left this note  

Austin Manuel
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A man has shared a picture of a note that was left by a thief who broke into his car to steal his phone. 

In the note the third wrote: 

Good day sir Sir, if you are reading this note you must have noticed that your both side mirrors, phone and ₦3,500 is missing from your car. 

I am not a thief and neither am I hungry, I only took those items to teach you a lesson. Always make sure yoyour doors are properly closed and locked before you leave your car. 

Have a blessed day ahead 

Marlians for life 

See the picture below:




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Caleb Ekekwe
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Hhhhhheee it funny but very touching a theft teaching a car owner how to secure his car chaaai naija odikwa egwu

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