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[Move to Homepage] 5 Deleted scenes in marvel that could have changed everything 💢. Part 1  

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Doctor strange saves a Dog.

20200323 160845

At the beginning of doctor strange the movie. Dr Stevenson strange was perceived as an arrogant and proud doctor. On his journey to find a solution for his hands he came across an injured dog which he saved. This scene was deleted because the director,  Scott Derrickson,  thought it was too early for his redemption. 


Thanos and Gamora's argument

20200323 160921

In Avengers infinity war , Gamora confronted her adoptive father thanos about wiping out half of the universe, in this scene thanos shows her a vision of the past to convince her his actions were right.


Thor knew what to do with the infinity stones.

20200323 160937

In Avengers :Age of Ultron. The scene were thor saw a vision of what should be done about the infinity stones was caught short despite having great visual effects. 


Steve Roger's Adjusting to the modern World.

20200323 160955

 In Avengers 2012 . Nick fury goes to Steve Roger's after Loki have taken the tesserac. Explaining to him how so much has changed in the modern world. A sequence where steve Roger's began adapting to the modern world was removed.

Bucky asked for a Vibranium shield From Steve.

20200323 161011

In marvel comics we acknowledge that Bucky picked up the mantle when cap was gone. In a deleted sequence,  bucky took caps shield after cap was gone and said  , I would like to have one of these.


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