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[Move to Homepage] Amazing - See Best moon walk dancer I have ever seen  

Austin Manuel
Posts: 85
Eminent Member
Joined: 2 months ago



Honesty, I love this guy's moves. He is the best moon walk dancer I have ever seen. He made remember Michael Jackson - the king of pop. 

People say that Michael Jackson is the founder of moon walk dance, but they lie, moon walk has been in existence even before Michael Jackson is born. 

But he was popularly know with the dance steps and how he bends on smooth criminal. In loving memory of MJ. 

What do you have to say about this guy's dancing step. As for me I love his moves. 

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Peter Okonkwo
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Joined: 2 months ago

Wow I absolutely and Definitely Love his Dancing Step. It's so Amazing

Caleb Ekekwe
Posts: 82
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Joined: 2 weeks ago

He is a pretty good dancer, he's got some good moves and he did a well entertaining dance he should keep it up

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