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Netvilox Forum is very easy to use. Many new users reported that they don't know how to use the forum. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to use Netvilox. 

How to like a post 

After reading a post if you wish to like it, scroll down the page and you'll see something like this. Click on it.

Screenshot 20200319 044429

 How to comment in a post

If you wish to comment on a post after reading it, scroll down the topic you are reading and you will see the comment box. Write you comment on it and click create post.

Screenshot 20200319 044501

 How to create a post 

If you wish to create a topic, click on one of the forum list that you will see on the homepage.

Screenshot 20200319 044620

 Click on the create post button, it will show you a drop down topic creation form. Write the title and the body of your post. If you wish to add files like pictures and videos click on the attach a file button and select the file. After that click on Create Post.

Screenshot 20200319 044655


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Caleb Ekekwe
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It is helpful but not really clear please throw more light on the topic for easy understanding

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