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Dear Vilox, welcome. Kindly Login or Sign-in. We Pay our members for uploading new music, liking post, commenting on new music and  posting news. Register now with ₦1,500 to make money online.

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Joined: 11 months ago is a news income program that was launched by the Netvilox Group of Companies NGC in Lagos, Nigeria on june 2018, with the aim of helping our user to make money online. We are 100% legit. 

How to register on Netvilox 

To become our member you need to register with the sum of ₦1,500. 

  • Click on Sign In 
  • Fill in your details and click on the 'Register' bar. 
  • Go to your email and change your password. 
  • Make the necessary payment so that your account will be approved
  • AC Name:Emmanuel Ubadimma Nwankwo Ac No:0466689468
  • GTB Bank

How to earn on netvilox 

  1. You earn ₦10 by liking a post. 
  2. You earn ₦20 for commenting on a post. 
  3. You earn ₦100 for creating any topic that is approved. 
  4. You earn ₦100 for uploading new music or videos.
  5. You earn ₦10 if anyone reads your topic. Share your topic on facebook, twitter and WhatsApp. 
  6. You earn  ₦1000 for referring our website to your friends.

How to cash out 

You will be able to cash out when your earnings exceed ₦5000. Click on the Cash out bar on your Earnings dashboard, fill in your details and click on send to admin.

You can cash out any day provided that your  minimum earnings exceed five thousand Naira.

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Rules And Regulations

  1. Create topics in relevant forums and sub forums, else it will be deleted.
  2. Do not insult fellow user, if you do, you will be banned from the forum.
  3. Make your post a little bit lengthy. Words like 'OK', 'thanks', 'hmmm' will not be accepted.
  4. Do not post irrelevant ads on the forum, in order not to be banned from the forum.

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Netvilox Admin
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Frequently asked questions 

  1. How much do I need to register?.

Ans: You only need to pay ₦1,500 once and your account will be activated. 

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